With more changes to gambling regulations in Russia and Japan, as well as continued growth of the U.S. betting market, several suppliers of the international gaming industry are posting record profits for the year ending 2005. One company to recently do so – surpassing even their own expectations – was the Australia-based slot machine maker, Aristocrat Leisure Ltd., who is predicting 2006 to be a record-breaking year in profit totals as well.

Last year, net profit for Aristocrat Leisure rose approximately 72%, putting the gaming company’s year end totals just over $244 million. Although mostly in line with predictions made by financial analysts, the earnings actually exceeded the window of expected profit set between $225 and $240 million. In addition to the increase in overall demand for slot machines more http://www.newdawncasino.com/, Aristocrats Leisure reported that 2005 was a year in which many of their previous machines found in older casinos were replaced with newer ones, which is a testament to the company’s commitment to technology development and improved product placement.
It is expected that with more proposed casino construction sites in North America, as well as the conversion of many horse-racing and dog tracks to include slot machines, the current year will keep Aristocrats Leisure expanding even more. Whether the company plans to explore related gaming sectors or if they will be in on the expanding gambling boom in the UK is not known as of yet.

Online Gambling Bill in Washington DC
The Washington Times, in the meantime, conducted a poll asking the public whether to legalize online poker. From the respondents, 85 percent said yes whilst 14 percent said no. The undecided respondents made up a mere 1 percent. A handful of respondents voiced their opinions regarding this survey saying that most parts of the world has legalized poker, yet in America what is known as the land of the free, gambling proposals are still being fought over.

Aussie Slots Manufacturer Posts Record ProfitsThe DC Lottery is hoping for a similar response to the online gambling proposal. The report will be handed over to the Finance and Revenue Committee. The Chairman, Jack Evans is the main opponent of the gambling proposal and will hear further details during the proceedings. Phil Mendelson and Tommy Wells, two Democrats have gone ahead with introducing the bill without waiting for the public consultations to be over. David Catania, council member has assured that the bill would be co-sponsored by him.

Wells meanwhile has said that he would request a transparent debate to hash out the pros and cons of the gambling bill, and whether Washington is ready to pass the bill in Congress.The independent councilor, Michael Brown defends his position on the bill. He has gone on to state that illegal gambling goes on in offshore websites, so passing the gambling law becomes a win-win situation for everyone as it will make casino players happy and generate revenue for Washington DC.