Gambled Online New StudyNew Study Reports About 10 Percent Of Those Who Use The Internet Have Gambled Online
Parks associates, based in United States, has released a new studying which they have entitled “Digital Media Habits”. In their study they report that they have found that about 10 percent of those who use the Internet declared that they gamble online regularly. The study is directed toward an examination of growing interactivity with regard to the convergence of online technologies, one example being the uploading of videos, technologies that are being used at a number of sites by about eight percent of those who use the Internet.

The ongoing introduction of mobile cellphone gaming and the efforts toward market penetration, may be one of the reasons for this increased activity. But the use of mobile cellphones, the many Internet related applications that are now available online on spin palace, have now been included with the latest cellphones. Examples are digital recording and the ability to gamble online, all of which have become easily available. Parks Associates head, Parks, says that probably nearly one-fourth of all Internet users possess a mobile phone.
In the survey, 2060 of those who use the Internet responded. Parks reports a margin of error of two percent plus or minus. A probable correlation was also found to exist between the number of those who participate in online gambling, and the number of those who listened to podcasts, with each being at about 10 to 11 percent.

Gaming Machines get Help From Global Gaming Expo
The Global Gaming Expo at the Las Vegas Convention Center proved to be a very successful avenue for several gambling related companies. Slots manufacturers and casino floor solution software manufacturers really stole the show for the most part. However, a few companies really stood out on their own at this years
Gaming Expo.

One such company was TransAct Technologies Inc., who makes and markets high-speed printers whose job it is to print out transaction receipts at gaming machines. Although the printer, called the Epic630, is not designed for gambling machines that one would ubiquitously find at casinos (slot and video poker machines) it does cater to a line of gaming machines growing more popular in betting parlors and non U.S. gambling markets.

Some of the games that the Epic630 is designed to accommodate include video lottery terminals, Japanese pachinko machines (very popular in the East), and fixed odds betting terminals (very popular in Australia). Although Trans Act Technologies does not do the majority of its business with the best casinos, its strong presence at the Global Gaming Expo may have helped it to make some great contacts and perhaps inspire a casino or two to consider bringing in the machines that TransAct specifically deals with.