All online slots games have a highest payout, or jackpot win line which is the main reason people play them. This jackpot varies in value from game to game and while some games have modest jackpots in the low thousands of dollars range, others have much higher jackpots to tempt players to bet their money. Others have truly enormous, life changing jackpots, in the case of the massive progressive games that can be found in just about every casino online.Here are a few of the favourite and popular jackpot games that can be found in the more popular casinos online.

From the Playtech stable comes Gold Rally, a nine-reel progressive monster with eight pay-lines arranged in a Wild West theme. Its progressive Jackpot is always in the millions of dollars range and to date over thirty million dollars has been paid out to lucky gamers. This slot game can be found at any of the Playtech powered casinos online.

From Microgaming comes the ever popular Major Millions progressive slot game. This is the first ever progressive game to pay out over a million dollars to one lucky winner. The game has an army theme and is a five reel, fifteen pay line progressive video slot. Major Millions was Microgaming’s most popular and most frequently played progressive slot game in 2006. To win the massive jackpot, all you need to do is bet the maximum amount of coins which is fifteen, line up five Major Millions symbols along the fifteenth row and prepare for easy street!

Going All-in at the Online Poker Table

Going all-in can be one of the most chanciest moves at the poker table. Besides the obvious scenario of completely washing out a player, on the other hand, it can bring a near-dead bankroll back to life in a big way.

So when is the right time to go all-in?

Popular JackpotsMany times players will go all-in with a semi-decent hand because the pot is so big and they have a suspicion that a player they are going head to head with is bluffing. This is actually the wrong thing to do. It may pay off some of the time, but will backfire more often than not. Even if you are very confident another player is bluffing, you never will know for sure. The rule of thumb is to only go all-in when you are holding at least a two pair.

A high three of a kind is worth considering, but only if you are 99% sure your greatest competition in the pot is bluffing. The only time you should go all-in with an average hand is when you are at your rope’s end and barely have enough in your bankroll to play a new hand.